The manufacturer's selection is crucial for the import process success. From our offices in China we verify each of the candidate manufacturers: Visits and studies are made in order to guarantee our clients that they have the capacity to assume the production with the requested standards previously defined.
The minimum amount of products manufactured or shipped depends directly on the factory. Given the case where is not possible to complete the minimum amount required, it is possible to purchase the product in wholesales at higher costs.
When we meet the first time with the buyer and after we got feedback from the suppliers, we elaborate an estimate budget for the goods costs. National and international transport, insurance, taxes generated by the transaction are quantified. With all this information the client is able to make a conscious decision.
If necessary, our company is capable of ship your goods from China to any country.
“Cómprelo en China” is responsible for such duty, we pact intermediate deadlines in order to maintain control over the production process not only in quality, but also in time schedules.
It completely depends on the product and its category. For each product, it is necessary to determine its taxes and import policies. If there any safeguard measures, or there are products that require further approvals. The product taxes imported from China are detailed in the “harmonized code” and each product has its own code and respective tax.
These conditions will be established by the manufacturer. Usually the payment conditions in China are  30 % down payment and 70 % when production process is over and quality check has been passed. These conditions may vary and they can be improved by continuous orders.
The payment methods are the ones the manufacturer consider appropriate. Nonetheless, regular letter of credit, cash deposits or bank approvals from worldwide recognized banks are accepted as well.
When production is over, our staff visits the factory in order to ensure the quality control meets the client request. We prepare a written report to our client about the product quality. If shipping of physical samples is required, we can ship them at our client´s expense. It is our promise to obtain a product that is equal to the conditions stipulated and the samples made.
Transport a good has an implied risk, however, best practices on packaging and shipping result in lower damage rate. Nevertheless, our company suggest the clients to acquire an insurance.
Yes indeed. “Cómprelo en China” is not directly responsible for any guarantee but we will make everything possible to help you to ask for it.
Dealing with customs is complex. For this reason, “Cómprelo en China” has settled many arrangements with customs agents in a wide variety of ports in order to make the paperwork go easy and effectively. At the moment the merchandise arrives to Colombian customs all imposed management is held by the SIA who works for the importer and arrange everything involved with the local authorities.
Our company has developed alliances with travel agencies to make our client´s lives easier. If you are interested contact us and immediately you will be contacted by our travel agent to make all the arrangements. Finally, when you consider it appropriate, “Cómprelo en China” can join you to the trade fairs and help you in the selection process.